Ten Codes

10-00Officer down, all patrols respond
10-0Use caution
10-1You are being received poorly / Cannot copy
10-2You are being received clearly / Signal is strong
10-3Stop transmitting
10-4Affirmative / Understood / Message received
10-5Relay message to [person]
10-6Busy / Out at call
10-7Out of service (completely)
10-7bOut of service (personal)
10-7cOut of service (court)
10-7odOut of service (off duty)
10-8In service
10-8otIn service (over time)
10-9Repeat last message
10-10Negative / Fight in progress
10-11Identify frequency / Dispatching too fast
10-12Standby / Visitor(s) present
10-13Advise weather and road conditions
10-14Convoy or escort detail / Suspicious person
10-15Prisoner in custody / Message delivered
10-15mPrisoner in custody (mental case)
10-16Pick up prisoner / Reply to message
10-17Pick up papers / En route
10-18Urgent / Complete present assignment ASAP
10-19Return to station or location
10-20Your location
10-21Call by telephone
10-21aAdvise home I will return at [ETA]
10-21bCall your home
10-22Disregard / Cancel last message
10-23Arrived at scene / Stand by until channel clears
10-24Emergency backup / Emergency at station
10-25Report to [person] / Do you have contact with [person]
10-26Detaining suspect / Check auto registration
10-27Request drivers license check
10-28Check registration on vehicle
10-29Request arrests/warrants check
10-29aCheck wants subject [PIN]
10-29cCheck complete subject [NCIC]
10-29fSubject wanted felony
10-29hHazard potential from subject
10-29mSubject wanted misdemeanor
10-29rCheck wants and record
10-29vVehicle wanted
10-30Does not conform to rules or regulations
10-31Crime in progress / in pursuit
10-32Person with gun
10-33Emergency all units stand by
10-34Open door or window / Riot
10-35Confidential information or open window
10-36Provide current time of day
10-37Identify yourself / suspicious vehicle
10-38Traffic stop
10-39Run with lights and siren
10-40Run silent (no lights or siren)
10-41Begin duty
10-42End duty
10-44Permission to leave patrol
10-45Condition of patient
10-45aCondition of patient – Good
10-45bCondition of patient – Serious
10-45cCondition of patient – Critical
10-45dCondition of patient – Dead
10-46Motorist assist
10-47Emergency road repair
10-48Traffic control
10-49Traffic light out
10-50Officer welfare check / under influence of drugs
10-51Tow truck needed / under influence of alcohol
10-52Ambulance needed
10-53Road blocked / Man down
10-54Possible fatality
10-54dPossible dead body
10-55Intoxicated driver
10-55dSend coroner
10-56Intoxicated pedestrian / Suicide
10-56aSuicide attempt
10-57Hit and run accident / Missing person
10-58Direct Traffic
10-59Escort or convoy / Security check
10-60Squad in vicinity
10-61Personnel in vicinity / Not wanted
10-62Subject possibly wanted
10-63Subject positive / Prepare to copy
10-64Subject wanted / Found property
10-65Net message assignment
10-66Check officer’s well-being
10-67Clear for next message
10-68Dispatch message
10-69Clear to copy transmission?
10-70Fire alarm / Prowler
10-71Advise nature of fire / Shooting
10-72Report progress of fire / Gun involved / D.O.A.
10-73How do you copy / Smoke report
10-74Negative / Theft
10-75Severe weather statement
10-76En route to location
10-77Estimated Time of Arrival
10-78Need assistance / Send ambulance
10-79Notify coroner / Bomb threat
10-80Pursuit in progress
10-80aAssist radio dispatcher
10-81Traffic stop initiated / Breathalyzer request
10-82Reserve lodging
10-83Work/school crossing detail
10-84Advise ETA
10-85Arrival delay due to [cause]
10-86Officer on-duty
10-87Give call letters of your station
10-88Advise phone number of officer
10-89Bomb threat
10-90Alarm going off / Bank alarm
10-91Pick up subject / Prepare for inspection / Animal
10-91aAnimal – stray
10-91bAnimal – noisy
10-91cAnimal – injured
10-91dAnimal – dead
10-91eAnimal – bite
10-91gAnimal – pickup
10-91jAnimal – pickup collect
10-91lAnimal – leash law violation
10-91vAnimal – vicious
10-92Subject in custody / Parking violation
10-94Street racing
10-95Officer’s residence
10-96Mental patient / Detain suspect
10-97Arrived at scene / Record information
10-98Assignment complete / Prison break
10-99Cardiac arrest / Officer held hostage
10-100Misdemeanor warrant / Out using restroom
10-101Ending security check
10-102Cruelty to animals
10-103fDisturbance by fight
10-103mDisturbance by mental person
10-107Suspicious person
10-108Officer down / Officer in danger
10-110Juvenile disturbance
10-112Impersonating an officer
10-200Narcotics, drugs involved
10-1000Felony warrant / Dead person
10-2000Police required immediately
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